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This website can and should have a profound impact -- a lasting and wonderful impact... ... on how long you live,   and how well you live.

Dr. Cohen's office can be reached at (718) 627-7272

Millions of unique web pages by one pair of hands.
Go for it.

Welcome to the world's healthiest websites of naturopathic medicine and natural healing
As a result of Dr. Cohen hosting millions of the greatest unique, hand-crafted pages,
the Psychology of Longevity may also be the largest naturopathic website ever created, or currently online,
and, we believe as well, the healthiest website any of us are likely to visit today.

As useful and powerful as the information is at the Psychology of Longevity and related websites,
remember that NOTHING can take the place of your participating consultation with your doctor or other health professional.

NO ONE can heal you by internet or telephone, so please do not accept information as being diagnostic here. It is not.
Anyone who claims to heal or cure or treat or even competently diagnose from a long distance away,
without even knowing your individual circumstances, is not someone you want your child to grow up and marry.

All of the excellent information provided here is opionion based on study that would stagger most of us.
It includes presentation of information from the people who know it best, have studied it all their lives, in many countries.

Greatest Doctor in America -- WHO???

Regarding the question of who's the greatest doctor in America, there's no question about that one:

Fact is, YOU are the greatest doctor in America, for you, at least. Stated another way,
YOU, as is easily-enough proven, are or can be the greatest doctor on earth, for you.

Even if your doctor is a world-renowned "expert," do the math!
Do you think your doctor knows one hundred narrow, useful facts?
The Psychology of Longevity refers to facts about your narrow interest.
If, for example, you have a specific health challenge, narrow it right down.

Learn three new facts per day for one hundred days and you will have major knowledge.
Naturally, your greatest efforts are only going to spring forth from your greatest concerns.

The difference between us is the difference between people who cry and moan over their situations,
versus those who cry and moan briefly, and then get past the Pity Party to become information masters.
Whatever your interest is, narrow it down so that you can filter out the excess, and learn from the best.
QRA practitioners prove to be the greatest doctors in America, whether they are medical QRA, or naturopathic.
Whereas the original BDORT is in the province of the medical field, Marshall and Forbes raised QRA to the natural.

Remember the admonition to all physicians: "Physician, heal theyself!"
No doctor can heal you, either;
only you and your body, your mind, the total package we might call your "system," is capable of healing you.
Drugs or nutrition or treatments, whether pharmaceutical or natural in formation, can not do more than HELP,
can only provide SUPPORT for your body doing the job it was brilliantly designed to do well, autonomically.

Don't ever underestimate the power of the human mind and attitude, because they have a direct, provable,
and most certainly profound influence on how strong we live, how long we live, how well we live,
and, not leastly, how happily we live. Still, it is nutrition, and the elimination of interference fields that turn the largest results.

If you're going to consult with the "greatest doctor in America," that is, yourself, it is wise to do so with the best information.
Your best decisions prove to come from having more and better information. True, or not?
The more we know, the wiser the decision tends to be, especially as we mature in life.

The internet is a blessing for any of us who
seek information on any known subject. USE MORE OF YOUR RESOURCES. Study more.

The whole objective for you, we hope, is for you and your doctor together
to arrive at a decision that any dangerous drugs you may be taking from your local pharmacy can be weaned out of your diet,
by replacing them in an orderly fashion with natural remedies.

Remember that most pharmaceutical drugs are based on natural items. While they often work faster in alleviating symptoms,
prescription drugs rarely if ever address the underlying cause of the symptoms. That's what naturopathic medicine is all about.

QRA and Bodyscan, Spectravision and Zyto and Ondamed, are all representative of the greatest naturopathic technologies available.

You can call Dr. Cohen for a Bodyscan and QRA consultation at (718) 627-7272,
but we first ask and recommend that you learn more.
Learn more about your specific health challenges,
so you'll be in a better position to make the greatest health decisions of your life.

Welcome to with the greatest doctor in American naturopathic practice today.

Every injury or trauma leaves toxins behind. When you can see a scar, you can see the damage done.
The single greatest thing you do for yourself is to remove those toxins, naturally, with mud.
No one on the planet has come close to the speed and accuracy of Dr. Cohen, with Q.R.A.
Combining Bodyscan201 with Q.R.A., physicians and professors alike are astounded.
Dr. Cohen identifies, with pure technology, exactly which nutrients to use.
There is zero room for doubt, because you observe instant evidence of it.
Approximately 100 percent accuracy approximately 100 percent of the time.
Everything else is so much useless (or profit-generating) blatherskite.

This is what Mankind has done for thousands of years. When something works, stay with it.
Are you silly enough to think that your electrical system is undisturbed by trauma?
If you have no grasp of the amount of electricity generated inside of you,
then how can you be expected to understand what that damage is to you?

The more you learn, the more you tend to live, with quality and quantity. So learn more and live more!

Whether or not Dr. Cohen proves to be the greatest doctor in America, or the greatest doctor in the world, for that matter,
he surely qualifies as the greatest doctor in New York, since those who heed his protocols get stronger for longer, and say so.
Here are more of the greatest web pages on the internet, all leading to the greatest and healthiest information we can develop.

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Learn more in order to live more, with
hosted by Dr. David Cohen, one of America's greatest naturopathic doctors,
based in Brooklyn NY, as well as in Manhattan, NY, but, thanks to QRA,
serving Manhattan, NY, and NJ, Long Island, Queens, Westchester,
and patients from all across the United States seeking the greatest.
The greatest protocols are those used in QRA by QRA practitioners
built with love by MrShortcut, for You 

Nicely-trained Q.R.A. practitioners tend to be glad to teach you quantum reflex analysis for your own use.
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Expert QRA Practitioners Consult David Cohen
"Help yourself... to heal yourself."
QRA is easy enough for children to learn, and, again, a single lesson of literally a few minutes is sufficient.
The skills you gather just from QRA alone, learning a special one-second bidigital test can change everything.
The Bidigital O-Ring Test, incorporated into the raw excellence of quantum reflex analysis is all you could want.
Be quite clear: The Psychology of Longevity believes that YOU learning quantum reflex analysis is a strict priority.
Once you learn the basics of QRA, you now know how to test foods, beverages, clothing, and so much more, FOR LIFE!
Even as it works against the income of Q.R.A. practitioners to teach you quantum reflex analysis, they still seem willing.
Why do you think this is so? Are you familiar with people who put the interests of service ahead of their own income streams?
Quantum reflex analysis is going to change the world of health and nutrition forever, because it works approximately every time.
So, again, you are urged by the Psychology of Longevity to learn quantum reflex analysis for yourself, so you can use it forever.
Thanks to the Q.R.A. practitioners who do not settle for learning once, Diamond Q.R.A. practitioners who keep pushing forward.
Thanks so much to Dr. Omura for the bidgital o-ring test, and to Dr.'s Bob Marshall and Linda Forbes for the precision of Q.R.A.
Because Dr. Cohen uses the best biofeedback technologies such as Bodyscan2010, SpectraVision, Ondamed, he's among the best Q.R.A. practitioners.
If your questions are prepared and brief, Dr. Cohen is privileged to give you enough time to try and provide you with useful information, ala Q.R.A.
You are invited to learn more about quantum reflex analysis, then find a Q.R.A. practitioner near you, in New York, Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, etc.
Best of all, when you have a Q.C.I. vial, and can be certain of having all your energy lines measurably, immediately coherent, Q.R.A. is forever.
Whether or not you learn all the levels, Q.R.A. I,  Q.R.A. II, and Q.R.A. III, or just learn basic quantum reflex analysis, you get to use it forever.
When you learn quantum reflex analysis for yourself, you are in possession of the most accurate diagnostic tool of all time. It is B.D.O.R.T.
Beyond muscle testing, already more accurate than medical diagnostic machines prove to be, Q.R.A. tests electromagnetic resistance.
The electrical system of your body cannot lie; you get instant proof of anything weakening or strengthening your electrical system.
What more can you ask for beyond instant proof? One hundred percent of any naysayers have no personal Q.R.A. experience.
Anyone seeking to refute quantum reflex analysis is expressing an opinion. It is an opinion, it is not based on experience.
Whoever you are, whatever your knowledge or experience, or eduction,
you will be bowled over the first time a good Q.R.A. practitioner shows you.
Again, Q.R.A. is the most accurate diagnostic tool in the history of the world.
Only the ignorant or the corrupt would wish to keep this free tool from your life.
The more we know in life, the better our decisions tend and prove to be over time.
For your sake, and those you care for, learn quantum reflex analysis, learn it for life.
Aside from being one of the greatest tools of a clinician or a laymen, QRA is quite easy.
Using the greatest tools is how masters and champions produce their greatest repeat results.
You CANNOT learn less about anything, so learn more, that you are better able to participate,
rather than just blindly following the instructions of people who charge us all too much money.
When you take the money away, it is fascinating to see who really is the greatest 'anything' at all.

That's why a QRA appointment with Dr. Cohen, even if it takes an extra hour or more, is still only $233.
Plus, your first appointment includes the free gift of QVial supercharged minerals, for a lifetime of use.

Dr. Cohen is the co-inventor of the world's first supercharged minerals, and wait until you see what they do!

When you remember "6004" you remember Dr. Cohen's phone number

The Psychology of Longevity sites are hosted by Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC...
Towering above all else, QRA is the greatest of the greatest in all of America, by far.
Quantum Reflex Analysis is the game-changer of the 21st century, even kids can quickly learn.

The Psychology of Longevity is here to help you to help yourself, naturally, imitating those who do.

The Psychology of Longevity is the gift to you from Mister Shortcut, world's most prolifically empowering webmaster,
standing on the shoulders of giants who crafted the internet, and its "Let's even-things-up-for-everyone nature."
When you see so many octagenarians and centenarians who take in, for example, never-heated olive oil, each day,
who is a doctor or researcher to speak with greater authority than entire groups of old, sharp people?

The Psychology of Longevity intends to help you enjoy a delightful journey into eyecandy and excellence,
using the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, and those living longest.
Designed to help you live younger longer, thanks to people caring more for you than your money,
The Psychology of Longevity is a reminder that we can get it from the proverbial horse's mouth,
or, as we see in most folks most of the time, we can get caught at the wrong end of the horse.
The Psychology of Longevity is in imitation of those living stronger for longer, all naturally.
Observation, imitation, and striving to increase performance by a minimum of one percent.
This is a PowerGem and a HealthGem warranted by the Psychology of Longevity to add life.
Do you know that air-dried sea salt is the single most vital food you can ever hope to swallow?
Without good salt, not the overheated horror sold in most stores, but good salt, we uniformly wither.
A step further: there is no human who can long thrive into the decades without a steady supply of good salt.
Without unheated, unprocessed sodium chloride, there is no chloride for hydrochloric acid, disinfecting your food.
Without good salt, how COULD you hold water in the intestine, for health, for ease of elimination, and so much more?
Without good salt, you cannot even produce good adrenalin, which serves more purposes than is typically taught in schools.

Why does your doctor not know this and tell you this?
Air, water, salt, never-heated oil, bulk, and probiotics.
Calcium for bones is the only other item listed as vital.

Air, water, salt, never-heated oil, bulk, and probiotics.

Ingest these regularly, and never eat cooked food without HCL.
The Psychology of Longevity holds these to be longevity promoters,
among the most important, indisputably effective promoters of living well.

Enjoy.   This fantastic array of millions of pages are free for your life. Learn more to live more and to give more.

The Psychology of Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires, champions and billionaires is the "mother" of the Psychology of Longevity
It is focused on the greatest doctors in the world, or at least YOUR greatest doctor,
who can be found by looking into the nearest mirror.
Learn more in order to live more, to live stronger longer, naturally...
by learning to heal yourself to the greatest degree.

While it is fun to call Dr. Cohen the greatest doctor,
truth is, we should all be our own own greatest doctors.
If you think the concept of you being the greatest doctor,
literally, for you, at least, the greatest doctor in America,
try this mathematical equations of the Psychology of Shortcuts.
Approximately one hundred percent of the time, this equation works.
If given one hour to remember three short, simple facts, you can do it?
Three facts in one hour that you did not know before, facts that are useful?
It would seem close to impossible to fail, hence, "approximately 100% of the time."

As always, the Psychology of Shortcuts seeks to deliver even more than promised.

You do not have to learn three short, new, simple facts in one hour, although you could.
You have an entire day, when doing it by way of a beginner's Psychology of Shortcuts effort.

In one hundred days you have three hundred facts, unless it is a subject that is important to you.
Regarding subjects that are important to us? Never mind three, we reach for five and ten, true, or not?

When you have these hundreds of useful facts in your mind, doubled in value when you also write them down,
you know more than most all of the experts in the world. Do you think your doctor knows 100 diabetes facts?
Even if the answer is "yes," how about 200 or 300 useful facts about the one narrow subject being studied?

Your world-class mastery is already inside of you. The greatest of YOU is still clearly trapped inside.
The Psychology of Shortcuts inside of you wants you to be the greatest of the greatest at something.
Whatever it is, three new facts or three new repetitions with an eye towards getting a bit better,
and the greatest of your performances, the greatest of your results, will finally be manifested.
Even if America is not performing as America is known to perform when we are at our best,
America is still rich with people who become the greatest thanks to their greatest efforts.
As for the greatest doctor in America, first comes you, then, perhaps, David Cohen, ND.

If you have the courage to answer the question of what YOU would be greatest at,
please speak less and do more, which surely includes seeing QRA practitioners.
Whether you go through formal QRA training at Dr. Marshall's Texas facility,
or simply imitate what you learn and do at the QRA practitioner's office,
QRA testing is a critically important need for every intelligent human,
plus, you'll use QRA, easily and accurately, for as long as you live.

Pay heed to an inordinate claim from the Psychology of Longevity :
Of all the things you learn in life, of all the tests you learn about,
nothing can influence how long and well you live this much.
Nothing on earth, thus far, compares with QRA accuracy.

Healing naturally with naturopathy and Dr. David Cohen,
arguably the greatest doctor in America

With love, from Mr-Shortcut, greatest fan of self-empowerment

MisterShortcut is pleased to present you with universal shortcuts for total winning.
When we imitate attitudes and actions of those who repeatedly do best, we tend to imitate their results.
Shapetalk and Shapetalking to Shapetalks and, all to help you reach YOUR greatest heights.

Are there better role models for accelerating our success than those who outperform the greatest of our own efforts?

Let's face it: Recipes are among the greatest of all time-savers, existing to help you help yourself.
The pioneers who blaze a trail for the rest of us are the greatest teachers of all, for you, for us all.

Excellence cannot happen by coincidence or accidents, your greatest performances are intentional.
To be the greatest doctor on earth, you need not attend medical school, in our inestimable opinion,
you only need to attend the school of life, by studying the greatest doctors who came before you.

Learn more, and you will likely live more, intentionally rather than accidentally, greatly, healthfully, rather than poorly.
Yes, there ARE greatest secrets to living the healthiest life. Air, water, oil, salt, bulk, and probiotics.
Learn about the greatest foods to experience the greatest, longest-lasting beneficial results,
living the greatest life, and being remembered as your own greatest doctor on earth, hm?
Less talking and more doing is what makes you the greatest on earth.

Become the greatest doctor in America by becoming the greatest you.

PS: If this is not the greatest website in the world, with more self-empowering wisdom for health and wealth,
we'd gratefully acknowledged being advised of the existence of any network better than what we've built for you.

Imitating conventional wisdom is NOT necessarily the greatest idea for any of us to embrace, pursue, or endorse.
The greatest achievements in human history are inevitably going to spring forth from the greatest humans among us.

Learn more, that you might live more, to become the greatest YOU that you were put here on this mortal coil to achieve.